2018 Rates

Housekeeping Cottages: All weekly cottage rentals run from Saturday check in time 12:00 p.m. or later to Friday check out time 11:00 a.m. Saturday checkout as well as shorter stays also available. You need only to bring towels, personal items, toiletries and food.

Package Rates For Cottages on Five Mile Lake

2 Bedroom Package

$935.00 Per Week - (Based on 2 Adults)

3 Bedroom Package (Cabin 4)

$1270.00 Per Week - (Based on 4 Adults)

3 Bedroom Package (Cabin 5)

$1300.00 Per Week - (Based on 4 Adults)

Each Additional Adult

$150.00 Per Week

Each Child Under 16

$100.00 Per Week 

Each Child Under 6

$40.00 Per Week

Above Package Rates include: Housekeeping Cottage, 16 Ft. Boat, 2 Swivel Seats and 9.9 H.P. Mercury Motor (Gas Additional). $35 per week to upgrade to a 15hp motor

The above rates are not per person

Per Person Rates For Cottages on Five Mile Lake

2 people

$365.00 per person

3 people

$300.00 per person

4 people

$270.00 per person

5 people

$245.00 per person

6 people

$225.00 per person

Rates include: 2 Bedroom Housekeeping Cottage.

Add $5.00 per person for 3 Bedroom (Cabin 4) or $10.00 per person for (Cabin 5). Minimum of 4 for 3 Bedroom.

Rates do not include: Boat & motor

Goldie Lake Outpost

**Conservation Fishing Limits Apply To This Camp**

$575.00 Per Person Per Week (Based on 4 Person Minimum) Saturday to Friday

Package includes: Fully equipped Cabin, Boats, Motors, Fuel, Mattresses and Pillows. Train at Additional Cost (Approx. $45.00 Per Person)

Party of three, Add $100.00 Per Person Per Week

Party of two, Add $200.00 Per Person Per Week

Wenebegon Lake Outpost

$595.00 per person per week (Based on 4 person minimum) Sunday to Sunday

Package includes: ATV Trip In, Fully Equipped Cabin, Mattresses, Pillows, Boats, Motors and Fuel.

Party of three, Add $100.00 Per Person Per Week

Party of two, Add $205.00 Per Person Per Week

Black Bear Hunting

$1,350.00 per person - Hunt runs from Saturday to Saturday

Package includes: Housekeeping Cottage, Boat & Motor for each 2 Hunters, (Includes Gas), Baiting and Bait Orientation, Tree Stand and/or Ground Blind, Help with Animal Retrieval, Skinning, Quartering and Freezer Storage.

Back Lake Fishing Package

Includes: Boat, motor, gas and transportation to a variety of near-by back-lakes.

Call for pricing

9.9 H.P. Motor & 16 Foot Boat Package

$60.00 Day / $350.00 Week

Package includes: 9.9 H.P. Motor, 16 Ft. Boat, 2 Swivel Seats, Paddles, Safety Kit and Anchor (Gas Additional)

Boat Rental


Per Day

Per Week

16 Ft. With 2 Swivel Seats



10 or 12 Ft. Haul Away



14 foot Haul Away






Boat Trailer



Motor Rental


Per Day

Per Week

2.5 H.P. or 3 H.P.



4 H.P.



Trolling Motor



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