Map of Wenebegon Lake

Length: 12.2 miles
Width: 3 miles wide
Area: 12.36 sqare miles
Elevation: 1387.8 feet above sea level
Latitude: 47 25' 00"
Longitude: -83 06' 00"
Coordinates 47.3821 N, 83.1102 W

Wenebegon Lake is a gorgeous pristine wilderness lake. The main water source is the Wenebegon River, which flows through the Wenebegon River Provincial Park before flowing in and out of the lake. Other water sources include Haddock Creek, Harland Creek, Little Wenebegon River and Robinson Creek. This volume of water flow ensures the water in the lake is constantly being refreshed. It also supplies the food needed for an extremely high population of game fish.

This lake is stuffed with Walleye and Northern Pike.

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